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When you sign up for a free avatar you are also signing up for our notifications.  We are offering a FREE avatar for your website or a specific web page and will make it say whatever message you wish to communicate. Setup an appointment to talk about what you want the avatar to say and we will send you the code to include on your web page.

See the sample avatar below and click on the play button to see how it works and then set up an appointment to get your avatar designed. Be sure and write down your IP address as we use this as your ticket for the free avatar. If you need to know your IP address, just go to “”  in any browser and write down your public IP address.

Note:  If you haven’t signed up to allow notifications, just click on the seal in the right-hand corner and allow notifications. If that doesn’t work, first clear your browser cache. If that fails, just send us your IP address to and we will resolve the issue.