For those that are ready to move ahead with their website, this is the form that they need to fill out. You should not fill it out until you are ready to submit. You will notice that we have already filled out the first five fields as these indicate to our design team which marketing person created the lead. You do not need to touch these 5 lines. We need all the information that is requested. Note the PayPal email at the end of the form for those who want an e-commerce site. If you want a list of the information that is needed you can download a copy of the information below by clicking on this link for pdf format and this link for a word document.
  Once you have submitted this form, please also send an email using the form below with the logo and other images that you want us to use attached to the email. Include in the email your name and companies name so we can match the logo and images with the form that you sent in and then we can get started on your website. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]