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To check out the best ways to develop and utilize an individual brand name, I speak with Chris Ducker.

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The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio program from Social Media Examiner. It’s developed to assist hectic online marketers, entrepreneur, and developers find what deal with social networks marketing.

In this episode, I speak with Chris Ducker, serial business owner and author of Rise of the Youpreneur He’s likewise host of the Youpreneur Podcast and creator of the Youpreneur Summit

Chris discusses the best ways to specify your specific niche of competence and why doing so assists your company prosper.

You’ll find ideas for promoting your brand name on podcasts, social networks, and at live occasions.

Personal Branding: How to Create and Market Yourself featuring insights from Chris Ducker on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Personal Branding: How to Create and Market Yourself including insights from Chris Ducker on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

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Here are a few of the important things you’ll find in this program:

Personal Branding

Chris’s Story

Chris considers himself a conventional, old-school business owner. Up until around 2008, he utilized the Internet just to inspect e-mail and watch YouTube videos. Business he owned had brochure-like sites that were stuffy and dull.

Chris Ducker is a Virtual CEO.

By late 2009, Chris had actually stressed out, as a great deal of business owners do. In 2010, Chris and his better half set an objective: eliminate him from the daily work of his companies as much as possible. By October of this “virtual CEO” year, he had actually employed 8 individuals to change him, not operated in the workplace, and was working just 4 days a week.

In his freshly discovered extra time, Chris began podcasting, blogging, and shooting videos. He feasted on Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It! in 2 hours and saw a method to develop an organisation moving forward. By the end of that year, he had actually developed an e-mail list of about 5,00 0 individuals and customers were truly tuning into the Chris Ducker Show.

A number of years later on, while Chris was recuperating from back surgical treatment, he started analyzing how companies were growing, where they were growing, and exactly what individuals were doing to develop them. That’s when he came to a substantial awareness about the worth of individual branding: In all of his business’ huge acquisitions, individuals desired to do company with him. Just later on were they dealing with his business.

When Chris introduced ChrisDucker.com and his individual brand name,


Rise of the Youpreneur by Chris Ducker.

I ask where “Youpreneur” originated from and exactly what it indicates. Chris states after his individual brand name remained in location, he began to draw in individuals of the very same frame of mind. These were speakers, material developers, authors, coaches, specialists, YouTubers, and live banners. They were all structure companies based upon themselves, their competence, and their characters.

A Youpreneur is someone who’s constructing an organisation around who they are, exactly what they represent, how they wish to be understood, and whom they wish to serve. Youpreneur introduced in 2015 as an online neighborhood and continues to grow. Chris composed a book and introduced the inaugural Youpreneur Summit in 2015 in London. The top offered out 4 months prior to the occasion. It was a substantial success and they’re doing it once again this year.

Listen to the program to find why Chris is better working as a business owner.

The Importance of Personal Branding

Personal branding has actually been around for a very long time. Zig Ziglar is an individual brand name everybody understands. What Zig did remarkably, Chris discusses, was to develop a brand name around his message and how he might impact modification. Years after his death, individuals still speak about Zig all the time. Some may call that a tradition. Chris calls it leaving a stamp on the world, due to the fact that of an exceptionally strong character and individual brand name.

Most notably, when you speak about individuals of impact, like Zig Ziglar or somebody living, such as Sir Richard Branson, their track record is their brand name. It’s exactly what individuals state about them when they’re not in the space, at the conference, at the supper celebration, or at that coffee conference. That’s why individual branding is so crucial. Even if you work for an organisation that isn’t really your very own, your individual brand name is still crucial due to the fact that it can drive or end your profession.

I point out the 2 names I think the world will understand: Frank Eliason, who worked for Comcast, and Scott Monty, who worked for Ford Motor Company. They both developed substantial individual brand names below their business’ larger brand names. Frank was understood for client service, and Scott for social networks, particularly as it associates with the vehicle market.

Scott Monty lead the social media charge for Ford.

When they left those gigs, their individual brand names stuck with them.

Scott Monty's personal brand has stayed with him.

When and how Chris found Zig Ziglar,

Listen to the program to hear.

How to Get Started

To begin constructing an individual brand name from the very start, Chris suggests specifying who you truly are and exactly what you wish to be understood for. His book has actually a workout called “The Self-Awareness Test” that can assist.

Divide a sheet of paper into 2 columns. In the very first column, list the important things you succeed, methods you stick out, how you’re understood, and methods you over-provide. In the 2nd column, list all the things you have a hard time to do. Chris states business owners frequently have problem with the 2nd column, which he calls “the get real column,” due to the fact that they want to believe they’re fantastic at whatever.

After you total both lists, make a strategy to remove or hand over the products that you have a hard time to do in your company. Rather, concentrate on exactly what you succeed due to the fact that it’s exactly what you’ll be understood for.

For example, as a speaker, Chris likes to obtain off the phase, walk the crowd, and workshop with individuals. He can and has actually carried out keynotes, however he understands it’s not his strength. He ‘d rather roll up his sleeves and get associated with a workshop-style session. He’ll leave the keynotes to individuals who do them well, like our shared buddy Pat Flynn

When you’re mindful of exactly what you do and do not succeed, you’ll stream into finding out whom you wish to deal with and serve, what kinds of things to do, what type of material to develop, and exactly what type of issues you can and will resolve. As these points end up being clear to you, you can begin establishing a specific niche or focus for your individual brand name.

Pick a Niche

When I ask exactly what he ‘d state to those who wish to serve everybody, Chris states you cannot please all individuals all the time.

Commit to serving a niche. Instead, discover your specific niche. Simply as expert sports groups have numerous kinds of homebuilders and coaches agreement with all sorts of professionals, from the designer to the plumbing, business owners require a specialized focus, too.

Your specific niche not just assists you stand out, it likewise assists you get your messaging. Due to the fact that your messaging will not be clear adequate to draw in the audience you desire, you develop a lot more work for yourself if you attempt to go too broad.

Chris feels disappointed when he understands a business owner can do incredibly well in one specific sector or sub-sector of a bigger market, however they attempt to go broad. They grumble they’re not growing quickly enough, or not making adequate cash or effect. If they would decrease and take a look at exactly what they’re doing, they ‘d see they can impact more modification, make more cash, and assist more individuals by pursuing a somewhat smaller sized market.

Another example is LEGO, which was on the edge of personal bankruptcy 10 or 12 years earlier, due to the fact that the business was attempting to do a lot of various things. In 2005 or 2006, LEGO employed a brand-new CEO who stated, “Let’s just bring it back down to the brick.” Now LEGO is doing better.

Be Yourself

People state, “I wish to be a Facebook specialist, however there’s currently one. Her name is Mari Smith,” or “I want to be an entrepreneurial podcaster, but Pat Flynn already has that niche.” Chris highlights that individuals will fall for you for who you are.

The objective of material developers, influencers, and believed leaders is eventually to end up being someone’s preferred company podcaster, Facebook specialist, or whatever. They wish to be so liked that everyone downloads all their material, retweets it, shares it on Facebook, opens all their e-mails, clicks all their links, purchases all their things, pertains to their occasions, and so on.

Mari and Pat are fantastic, however neither of them can serve the whole world. Think it or not, some individuals will not like them. Other individuals might desire something various. Sally Hogshead stated in among her current books, “Being different is actually better than being better.” Be various, stick out, be as special as you perhaps can be, and the best individuals will come your method.

When you can be yourself, Chris states you’re “marketing like a magnet.” In other words, you draw in individuals who will get you, enjoy your ambiance, and wish to belong to your people. At the very same time, you’ll drive away individuals who will not be terrific customers anyhow. You do not require those customers. Rather, concentrate on “attracting the best and repelling the rest.”

Listen to hear exactly what Chris thought of my individual brand name the very first time we satisfied for lunch.

Face Your Fear

Face your fears to work through marketing yourself. Nowadays, it’s much easier than ever to market yourself, however individuals still battle. They hesitate. They believe their YouTube videos need to be best. Due to the fact that it’s public, they believe they cannot or should not be sharing individual things on social media. Second, they’re scared. They fear rejection. They fear online giants.

As you end up being more prominent, you’ll release more content, and more individuals will see that material. Together with all the fantastic individuals out there, your material will constantly draw in the odd moron on YouTube who makes a silly remark. Simply obstruct and erase individuals, and carry on. Do not hesitate; do not be afraid. Put yourself out there. You need to learn how to have a thick skin, especially if you’re constructing an individual brand name and an organisation around that brand name.

Appear on Others’ Platforms

To spread your message, you can utilize social networks, blog sites, and podcasts. In his book, Chris discusses in information the best ways to get on other individuals’s podcasts in a sophisticated, non-sleazy, non-salesy method. The secret is to supply worth and be an excellent visitor.

To show, Chris’s worth includes his experience and character. When his brand-new book came out, he approached buddies who host podcasts (like me) and stated, “I’ve got this value that I want to share with your audience. What do you think? Is it a good episode?” The podcast host may react by asking to fine-tune the concept and cut a few of the material for the program. After settling on a method that works for both celebrations, they go cope with it.

Chris thinks that when somebody of impact puts you in front of their audience, it’s like a stamp of approval. That assistance for your concepts is extremely effective for an individual brand name business owner.

I keep in mind that approval becomes part of the power of appearing on a program, however the increased presence you get is likewise crucial. You get a possibility to share your message with an audience that does not understand who you are. They might suggest you to somebody else and subscribe to your blog site, podcast, or other material if the audience likes the worth you supply.

Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker. Chris includes that for somebody whose company is developed on an individual brand name, growing your circle, getting on individuals’s programs, getting on individuals’s phases with occasions, being welcomed as an unique visitor on webinars, and so on is at the extremely core of exactly what you do. You’re just as great as the business you keep.

Due to the fact that he can appear on a podcast from his house,

Chris likewise likes podcasts. With his very first book, Virtual Freedom, Chris went on a conventional book finalizing and keynoting trip. After being on the roadway on and off for about 8 months, he was completely broken. He never ever wished to do that type of promo once again.

He introduced his brand-new book from his house in the Philippines, where he can hang out with his household every day. He concentrated on getting on as lots of terrific podcasts as he might and supplying terrific online material that can be shared and marketed.

When you’re asking to appear on other individuals’s platforms, you have to make certain you’ve developed a relationship with the program or host initially, and concentrate on the worth you can provide the audience. Relationships must be cherished, not utilized. He sees method excessive “using” in the online company world.

Every week, Chris gets a minimum of a couple of blanket demand e-mails, asking individuals to be a visitor at a virtual top. The senders state they’re a fan and continue to set out their visitor requirements, such as having an e-mail list of a minimum of 10,00 0 individuals and sending out e-mails a minimum of 3 times weekly.

However, these demands may be the very first time the sender has actually ever gotten in touch with Chris. How can he understand if somebody is a fan if they’ve never ever tweeted to state, “Hey, great book post,” or shared among his podcast episodes? Chris obstructs the senders of these blanket e-mails and marks their messages as spam.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Posts

One of Chris’s preferred methods to market is through social and video. He reveals behind-the-scenes information as he grows his company, fulfills customers, trains and employs personnel, composes his book, and creates a live occasion. He shares this material through Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Twitter, or other channels.

Chris discusses our program, The Journey, as an example of terrific behind-the-scenes material. Due to the fact that it reveals how you get things done, he likes this kind of material.

Write Notes manually

Chris has actually been hand-writing notes for many years. Whether you’re working or running an organisation for another business, this method can develop your individual brand name. Plus, handwritten notes have a huge effect due to the fact that couple of individuals do it.

Chris sends hand-written notes to his customers.

Chris composes keeps in mind a few times every month to thank clients, providers, Twitter fans, Instagram commenters, and others. On a postcard with his logo design at the top, Chris can compose as much as he desires on one side and put the address on the other side.

These notes constantly make somebody’s day. Individuals who get these cards tweet Chris photos or email him all the time.

Chris likewise composes notes at live occasions. As an example, at Social Media Marketing World, if he fulfills someone over coffee at Starbucks at the convention center, on the boat, or in a session, and they strike up a discussion, he’ll ask at which hotel they’re remaining. Later on he can ask the concierge to provide his note.

Although he might send out an e-mail, Chris likes this old-school method. When it comes to individual branding in general, it’s a substantial lesson for individuals. In some cases the old methods are much better.

Listen to the program to hear more of Chris’s ideas about The forecast and the journey he makes.

Discovery of the Week

SNOW is a selfie app that has absolutely nothing to do with the weather condition. With special enhanced truth (AR) filters and functions, SNOW is an excellent app for developing stories on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

Although you can discover various selfie apps, SNOW has numerous functions that blow the others away. Of all, the facial acknowledgment function works whether it’s simply you or several individuals. This indicates the AR functions (like various faces) can track several faces. You can likewise enhance your confront with smileys, swap deals with, and include other odd or imaginative impacts that assist your visuals stick out.

SNOW is a cool selfie app.

The app’s special filters reproduce various kinds of analog video or electronic cameras. The VHS filter reveals a date and time and makes the video a little bit blurred like video shot on a portable VHS electronic camera from back in the day.

As with lots of other apps, you can tape-record Instagram Stories square videos or vertical videos, capture stills, and toss on sticker labels.

SNOW is offered and complimentary for iOS and Android.

Listen to the program for more information and let us understand how SNOW works for you.

Listen to the program!


Key takeaways discussed in this episode:

What do you believe? Exactly what are your ideas on individual branding? Please leave your remarks listed below.

Social Media Marketing Podcast 292. In this episode Chris Ducker explores how to create and market yourself with personal branding.

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