We all understand that responsive search advertisements (RSAs) are the hot brand-new advertisement type, however how will they suit the grand plan of digital marketing? Exactly what is the very best strategy to execute them in your existing paid search methods? We’ve observed some combined evaluations about the brand-new advertisement type– have you discovered success with them?

We’ve seen both sides of the coin. There are absolutely some benefits and some disadvantages to the brand-new advertisement type. What have you seen? Do you feel passionately one method or the other?

Join Hanapin’s Matt Umbro and Directive Consulting’s Garrett Mehrguth as they take part in a truthful conversation about responsive search advertisements, strolling through all the cons and pros and suggestions around utilizing the brand-new advertisement enter your projects.

You’ll find out:

  • How RSAs work and how they can affect you
  • The cons and pros to the advertisement type and the best ways to evaluate them
  • A contrast in between RSAs and other advertisement formats

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